About Us

Our company, Docode, was established on April 5, 2016 in Bursa. Our company, which has contributed to the World Textile Industry with the experience we have gained from our users, who have preferred us from all levels and sizes for years, provides services in the fields of Design Coloring Software, Screen Calibration and Online Pattern Archive.

DoCode was accepted to Ulutek Technology Development Zone in 2019 with its domestic software and extraordinary algorithms. It provides uninterrupted service to the best in the industry with its constantly growing expert software developer and designer staff.

Our Vision

To make ColorwayXpress Coloring Software and eColorway Online Archive Service, which are the extraordinary products we produce, indispensable for the World Textile Industry.

Our Mission

Within the scope of this vision of DoCode;

  • Cooperates with the best software and hardware manufacturers in the field,
  • It incorporates all instruments to serve users of all sizes,
  • Monitors all systems 24/7 in order to provide uninterrupted service to its customers,
  • It has personnel trained in the field,
  • Gives importance to education and development, follows international technological innovations,
  • It provides its customers with the best technical support at the most extreme point possible.
DoCode Logo

DoCode is a company that started a new era in the industry with the softwares developed for the textile industry.

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