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Find the design you're looking for within seconds.

With the fully integrated archive system, finding the design you're looking for is very easy. Designs can be found using fields like Design Number, Label, Customer, Screen Status and Designer and can be sorted using fields like Design Number, Date Uploaded, and Date Edited. Without having to open the designs, you can see all of the information and browse through the colorways.

Design colors in an RGB design while maintaining the color harmony.

ColorwayXpress can color your RGB (flattened) or multi-layered designs without disturbing the color harmony and the effects on the design. With the algorithms specially designed for textiles, ColorwayXpress can color any design easily. You can assign a color to an effected area from Pantone, color it separately one by one into tones, or assign a color from the Color Picker. In addition, combine dozens of effects like Hue Saturation, Selective Color and Gradient Map to create amazing colorways.

Which features do we offer?

ColorwayXpress is a software preferred by all textile printing factories with its features that meet all the needs of the industry.Artificial Intelligence Features, Screen Calibration, Archive System, Automatic Colorway Generation,CAD Pages, and many other features make it indispensable for users.


Color Calibration

Color samples from your digital printings are imported to ColorwayXpress via the enhanced ICC Profile system, creating a unique printing simulation. It reduces your test prints by up to 90% by matching the screen and fabric.


Conventional Design Coloring

You can quickly color all your multi-channel designs suitable for conventional printing. You can use the color catalogs, see the coverage percentages of the channels, add fabric color or view the entire design with screening simulation.


Conventional Simulation

You can take samples of conventional designs in fabric or paper printing in screened (dotted) simulation, and you can simulate the spread of the ink on the fabric.


Storage Saving Colorways

The file sizes of your colorways are not a problem for you. With the algorithms we have specially developed, the colorways created with ColorwayXpress do not take up space, they save up to 90% compared to other softwares.


Centralized Work

All users work with a shared archive system. Users can see each other's work instantly. Users do not need to download designs or colorways to work, Therefore, data flow issues and file transfer delays are avoided.


Custom CAD Templates

Creating CAD printouts is now very easy with the layouts tailored to your business. Choose a layout, select colorways, and leave the rest to ColorwayXpress.


Colorway Transfer

Quickly transfer favorite colorways to different designs. Colorways can be transferred between designs with the same colors but different motifs and sizes. It's also as simple as copy-paste.


Design – Colorway Repair

All colorways can be corrected with a single file editing operation if duplication or motif errors are discovered after the colorways are created. Without having to correct all colorways one by one, design repair can be done quickly.


Automatic Colorway

In seconds, create up to 250 automatic colorways of digital and conventional designs while maintaining the design's structure and color transition. Choose your favorites or keep modifying them. Use your client's colors, Pantone, or Coloro catalogs to create wonders!


Color Catalogs

All colors are at hand with latest color catalogues. New trend color catalogs are added with updates, in addition to the current Pantone(R) and Coloro(R) colors available in ColorwayXpress. You can quickly and easily create customer color catalogs or your own color catalogs using these catalogs.


ERP Integration

ColorwayXpress can exchange information, send data, and process incoming data with any ERP software. It adapts to the current flow of your company and does not need an additional budget.


Copy Protection

All designs are protected by special algorithms and passwords. Even if the designs are tried to be used without permission, they will not be able to be opened in ColorwayXpress, which is used by a variety of businesses.


Always Redundant

All designs and colorways are saved by the backup system. All deleted, repaired, or changed designs and colorways are automatically backed up on your servers. Backups cannot be deleted from ColorwayXpress. Even deleted designs and colorways can be retrieved this way.



ColorwayXpress uses different algorithms than other programs to open designs and colorways. With the developed extraordinary algorithms, even though the file sizes are very large, operations such as opening designs, navigating through designs, working on colorways and saving these works can be done in seconds.



Meet ColorwayXpress Academy, where new content is added and updated on a regular basis. Here you can find instructions for using all of ColorwayXpress's features. Learn how to do everything and how to use all of the features available to you. Moreover, with both text and video narrations.